Friday, January 13, 2017

SWEAT: "It's about being an animal when you fuck."


"It doesn't matter how hard you try to fuck a boy, or kiss him or suck him.., you will never embrace his whole existence  But if you smell someone, everything is suddenly inside your brain."

"...that first bouquet of stench in the air..." <<click to see boisniffer's DudesNude profile

I'm betting that boisniffer would like a whiff of that!

boisniffer's unwashed stinkhole.

Imagine what it's like when both of them relax, spread and air out their funky anuses in your bed before they rub their noses in the manfunk, or in cramped stinking locker room, or in a busy mensroom. Mix that funk with scrotal, pit and foot odor, and that is my idea of the scent of an all-male heaven on earth.

Next, boisniffer explains the birth of his stinkhole fetish on the DudesNude "Sex Pig" forum topic, "Rimming Dirty Hole."

My first sexual experience was at the age of 5 with another boy from my neighborhood. His name was Stevie and he was 9. Stevie knew a lot about sex with boys because his two older brother showed him the ropes. We would go into the garage at my house, pull our pants down and take turns sniffing each other's very poorly wiped , smelly shit holes. Why Stevie chose the unmentionable act of sniffing dirty ass as my introduction to the world boy on boy sex, who knows? But he did and I'm so very grateful today!

I still remember how much I enjoyed the smell of Stevie's stink. I would rub my nose all over his moist brown asshole and the scent would remained all day. Stevie enjoyed it just as much as I did because any time we would get together it wasn't long until we would be way up each other tight little holes inhaling that newly discovered taboo scent from between our ass cheeks. 

Even today and more than ever I'm infatuated with the natural stink of a dude asshole. It is constantly on my mind. If I see a dude that I'm attracted to my thoughts quickly zero in on him and his asshole. I wonder what it would be like to go down on him, open his perfect ass and sniff.....long, deep slow inhale through my nostrils while rubbing my nose on his sultry, brown, pungent hole. In fact, it's got to the point where I'm not nearly as interested in hooking up with a dude if he won't satisfy my piggish desires. 

Lately, I've been straight up with all my hook ups that I'm into their impure, unwashed body. I've found a lot are turned on by my nasty pig desire to sniff, finger, tongue and fuck their dirty stink hole, taint and balls. It's awesome when the clothing comes off and I catch That first bouquet of stench in the air from their unshowered body. 

I absolutely desire men who smell like men and aren't in any way inhibited to express their raunchy desires. RIPE HERE RIGHT NOW!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dude drops logs the size of tree trunks and forearms; shit paper and toilet seat not required


Three sessions of dumping, beer guzzling and belching gas from this verbal shameless shitter who doesn't wipe his anus and has no use for the toilet seat, preferring to sit on the rim of the crapper bowl.

Friday, December 30, 2016

"Would love to give up showering and wiping my ass completely one day"

allanrk <<Click to view Allanrk's full profile on DudesNude. My kinda guy, for sure. I want to be his roommate.

"Please put at least 48 hours between your last shower and my face. I want a man who knows how to smell like shit. Love assaultingly ripe, musky, sweaty, stinky pits. I don't wear deodorant and don't want to taste any on my sexual partners. And I don't wash my pits at all. My future husband won't either. Would love to give up showering and wiping my ass completely one day if I'm in the right situation to make that workable."